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Another winter is upon us here

in Pennsylvania. Ice needs broken

and hay will be put out. Many winter

days will be spent taking care of

cattle and prepping them for another

big year. Some will start calving

early and some will be late. We all

hope for dry warm days, but most

of the time it’s cold, wet and muddy.

We take care of those cows and babies

because it’s our profit and our

duty as cattlemen. Sometimes during

those big snowstorms in March

we wonder why we try so hard. But

when late summer comes around

and your cattle get that late summer

shine, it was worth every penny.

Take some time to get away this

winter by going to the 116th NCBA

Annual Convention. The winter convention

From the Desk of the President Scott Rhoads, PCA President

will be on the east coast this

year in Nashville Tennessee at the

Grand Old Opryland Resort February

4-7 2014. Registrations can be

made online at www.beefusa.com.

The convention and trade show is

the time for cattle industry members

to come together and work toward

the future of the industry while

having some fun. It will serve as a

much needed getaway during those

winter months.

Stop by and see the Pennsylvania

Cattlemen’s Association at the

Pennsylvania Farm Show. We will be serving up ribeyes at the food

booth in the Main Hall. Also we will

continue with our Youth Jackpot

Show at the Farm Show Complex

in Harrisburg March 29th and will be
followed by our annual banquet that
evening in the Complex. Plan to attend the crowning of the champion steer and heifer before we move upstairs for our dinner and meeting. PCA has a new website up and running so you can keep up with the beef industry and our association. www.pacattlemen.org

Stay warm this winter while

thinking of bright warm sun, green

grass, and heavy calves.

Scott Rhoads